Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Rant

I realized, while watching TV, the other night that there are several things currently bothering me, and it seems appropriate to ramble on about these things.  I guess I will start with what started bugging me last night and then just continue on from there.

1) I have really started hating the iPhone commercials. You know those ads, the ones that start, "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have iBooks. If you don't have an iPhone, you have an under inflated sense of self-worth.  If you don't have an iPhone, you haven't drank the kool-aid and joined the mindless sheep like your friends."  A caveat to that, I wanted one when they first came out, they were cool and flashy, and had games, and so many other time wasters.  I mean, I have an iPod, an iPod Nano, and an iTouch.  But I may be past my desire to continue to buy these products, and the ad campaign for selling the new iPhone ain't helping the cause.  The commercial just makes it seem, as I said above, "if you don't have and iPhone, you suck."  The ad is annoying, and really I hope that the whole ad team gets the can and they bring back the music.  Not exactly how they would best promote a device with some amazing features (phone option not compatible with actually making phone calls).  Though, it was cute when my kiddo would wander around the house after one of those ads saying, "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone." with an all too serious look on his face.  So the point, the iPhone ads are annoying, and make me want an iPhone less. (I'm a Droid guy now anyway.)

2) After a much too late Tuesday night, my wife crashed early Wednesday, leaving me alone with nothing more than the TV to entertain me.  So I chose to catch up on Grey's Anatomy (Warning Spoiler Alerts ahead, even though this is about 6 weeks after they aired).  I was only two shows out of date, so I cozied up with the Internet and the remote to watch the first episode.  And, as that show often does, the episode ended in a cliff hanger, with Callie and Arizona being in a car accident.  Now, the joy of watching the show months after it airs, is that I don't have to wait the required week to watch the conclusion of a cliff hanger.  So, against better judgement, I rolled right on into the second episode.  This is where the rant comes in.  A show that I love, apparently I need some kind of heart-wrenching drama in my life, sold out, not that it hasn't before.  It sold out in that it made a musical episode, and I hated it.  I repeat, HATED IT.  I am all for showcasing people's talent, but I didn't feel that Grey's Anatomy was the place to do that.  The singing took away from the drama that was created by having one of the hospital's own in limbo.  We missed out on the discussions of how we were going to save Callie and her baby. We missed out on Dr. Montgomery's return, which I always like.  The whole episode downplayed this terrible situation by covering it with singing.  I watch Grey's Anatomy for the drama, the interaction between the people on the show, doctors, nurses, patients, etc.  I get my singing from Glee, which parades as a crappy drama, with music mixed in.  I Don't see Glee doing a surgery cross-over because it is the in-thing at the moment, and Grey's shouldn't have done the singing cross-over either.  Stick with what you are good at.

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