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So, one of the people from the Loop (Angie) shared a game with those of us hanging on the Loop over at RunnersWrold.  Here is my take, at eleven questions and things you may not have known about me.

It took me all day, mostly because I spent the better part of the day in meetings (minus the run at lunch, a nice 3.6 miles)  but also because I couldn't get the arrangement to stay in one place.  I really liked trying to come up with the 11 things that you guys didn't know about me.  It has been fun getting to know everyone on the loop just a little bit more.  Without further ado, here are my answers and facts.

1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?Dreyer's Nestle' Toll House Chocolate Chip Mint Brownie Ice Cream if we are going to be specific.  Or just about any ice cream if we aren't.
Fact: I lived in Egypt for 2 years when I was in middle school.  No, my family wasn't in the military, but rather construction, so we moved around a lot.  While there we got to go to Kenya for a safari, Greece, and a couple of other places in Europe. 

2. Saucony Kinvara or a shoe from the Brooks Pure line, like the Connect of Flow?I tried the Kinvaras on one day at the LRS and found that they pinched the tops of my feet.  Ended up with a pair of Brooks Launch, so next time I'm at the LSR I will look at the Brooks Pure Line.
Fact: I tried out for basketball as a freshman and sophomore only miss the cut both times.  I found my calling was in the theater department, where I acted or was stage manager for several shows.  Typically I was stage manager for musicals, as I have a terrible singing voice.  My favorite play was "Out of the Frying Pan. ""  I did one more play in community college but that is where my acting career ended (I would do it again in an instant, if I had the time).

3. Where would you go if you had the money to take a two week dream vacation?If it was going to be just me and my wife, I would say I want to wander around Europe and visit all the old castles and other historical stuff there.  If I am taking the kids along with me I have to go with Disney World, it stands out as one of the best vacations I took with my family when I was little.
 Fact:  Throughout high school I had told everyone that I wanted to go to dental school and become an orthodontist  I had envisioned being able to practice dentistry and be able to play golf all the time.  Apparently, some where along the way I decided I didn't want to be in school that long.

4. Did you play sports in high school? If so, what sports?In high school, I played golf...for one season, as a senior.  I played baseball recreationally until I was a junior.  Of course I watched (still do) tons of games in school, and found my love of officiating there (those that can't do and don't want to coach, officiate).
Fact:  My wife and I went to separate high schools in the same city, then spent two years at the local community college before finally meeting two months after we started at WSU.  Of course we got married the summer before out last year at WSU.  I am a firm believer that some things happen for a reason. 

5. If you had to eat one item of food every day (you could eat other things, but you had to eat this one food too) for the rest of your life, what would you choose?Cheesy Potatoes.  Preferably covered in bacon.
Fact:  The two years after high school, I had thoughts of becoming a professional umpire.  I decided that would be a very cool job, you get to travel and be part of something as awesome as being part of Major League Baseball.  Some time after I started at WSU I decided that professional umpiring wasn't right for me, probably had to do with the difficulty in moving up through the minor league system.  Of course I still umpire, and referee basketball, and am happy to do so at the high school level and below.

6. Do you have a favorite professional runner?I don't really follow a whole lot of running pros, so I am going to pass until I really know more.
Fact:  I finally decided to combine my two favorite subjects in school, math and chemistry, into a degree program.  I earned a BS in Chemical Engineering, and now work as a Project Engineer doing only mildly chemically related engineering work. 

7. What is one running item you would find it hard to run without?The smart answer is my feet I am really sensitive when it comes to my feet so I baby them.  Without good shoes to protect them I don't think I could run as far as often as I do.  (Though I have found lots of things that make running better)
Fact:  I am a super nerd.  Though I don't have time to play video games like I used to, I do find that I have time to play games like D&D.  I guess that playing D&D lets me go back to being an actor a bit.  We also play several board games such as Arkham Horror (based on H. P. Lovecraft stories) to pass our evenings.

8. Are you a morning runner or afternoon/evening runner? Is this by choice? And if it's not by choice, when would you choose to run: morning or afternoon/evening?Given my druthers, I would run at 11 AM every day.  On the weekends, and in the heat of the summer, I am a morning runner by choice and force.  I cannot run in the evening unless I really need to get a run in.
Fact:  In an accompaniment to the D&D and board games, I love a good fantasy or sci-fi series.  The longer the series the better, I am like a little kid with candy when I see a new book in a series I have been reading for a long time.  I also enjoy the mystery/drama stuff like Patterson's Cross series (the quick and easy to read books when you have nothing else to read).  I have found that I really enjoy Stephen King books, and am slowly going back through his collection.   

9. What are your big races this year?Bloomsday 12k in Spokane in May.  San Francisco Marathon in July.  And if all works out well I will do the local marathon at the end of October.
Fact:  My wife and I are part of a book club.  Which has really helped take me out of my normal book reading comfort zone and helped me to find some great books and authors to read.  Though whenever it is my turn to pick I always want to pick from what I know. 

10. Are you also a triathlete?Nope, not yet anyway.  I ride the stationary bike occasionally, and wish I had a pool to swim in.  One day I hope to tackle at least a short tri.
Fact:  I thought about making these facts tie into the answers to the questions somehow, but decided that was never going to work.  So instead I decided to make it a bit more of a chronological history of myself.  So finally I have two boys, a 3 yo and a 7mo.  I love them to pieces and I try not to do anything that takes time away from them. 

11. What do you like better: intense speed work, tempo runs, or long runs?I like settling into that nice groove that only a long run with a couple good running buddies can provide.  That said the completion of a good speed session is exhilarating. 
 Fact:  Oh, there was one more here.  I had to rearrange this blog at RunnersWorld about 12 times.  But I was smarter, I did it in word too. 

Indian Summer Half Marathon last September.

T Helping me stretch last spring.

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