Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February Stats and March Plan (Shamrock Run)

I wrapped up February with a Leap day run, cause you only get to do that every 4 years.  Anyway, a quick update for March plans and the February stats.

I have been getting mentally and physically ready for marathon training by increasing the number of days a week I have been running, while trying to get the base mileage back on track, and last week was no exception.  After taking a cut back week the week prior, I attacked last week with a vengence.  The schedule (which is identical to week one of the training plan) called for 5 days of running, 3-5-3-5-10, with days off on Monday and Friday.  I managed to get through the 3-5-3 part of the run last week pretty easily, knocking out a killer tempo run Wednesday to close out February.  That run was 5 super speedy miles at a 7:30 pace, with the second half into a pretty good head wind.  A great confidence boosting run.  With that run I closed out February at 76.6 miles and sit for the year at 110.  Both numbers way out in front of last year's numbers.

Back to last week.  Started out March with the easy 3 on Thursday, and had all the intentions in the world of making it a great weekend.  But Saturday morning came and went and I hadn't gotten out the door for the 5 miles.  Then I got busy doing laundry, and dinner, and gardening, and I wanted to sit on my butt and do nothing.  So I did that, skipped the 5 miles.  Oh well.  I knew I was going to go out for at least 10 the next morning and just moved on.

Friday and Saturday I spent trying to get my two running partners to agree to times and places to run Sunday morning.  My friend, M, bailed out Saturday night, citing his need to homework and take care of his 2 month old.  But my friend, G, who is doing the marathon with me, was still in.  Well, 5:30 Sunday morning rolls around, and I start the preparations, and just after 6, G texts and tells me that he isn't feeling good and isn't going to come.  There I sat, all dressed up and no one to run with, so what do I do?  I thought about more sleep for about 3 seconds, then strapped the water bottles to the belt, hit start on the phone and off I went.  I left with no plan other than to run the 10 miles, and do the big hill in my city.  Two hours later I cruised into the house having done 12.1 awesome miles, got cleaned up and took my 3 yo for donuts (he earned for eating fruits and veggies all week).  It was a really good day.  Finished last week with 23.5 miles feeling really good as we get close to kicking off training in three weeks.

Last thing.  Finalized plans for our trip to Portland next week, we get in Friday.  I grabbed a hotel downtown, and am looking forward to doing my first 15k next weekend.  I know there are a few people that will be there doing the run as well, so if you want to meet up or do whatever, let me know.
Remember to have fun guys!  Now if you'll excuse me, I have some miles to go run.

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