Monday, February 21, 2011

The Plan

Ever read someone's blog, comic, story what-have-you for a long time, then gone back to the beginning to see what the writing or the person was like 10 years ago, only to find out that they were kind of lame and that the first post was horribly written (and titled the 'First Post').  Well this is my attempt at having a first post, lame or otherwise.  Now you may be thinking that with a title like 'THE PLAN', this post might include ideas for what I plan on talking about in this here blog, hopefully the title of the blog gives you a hint about that.  In this case The Plan refers to running.

So what began as an idea in December (2010), has become a reality.  My friend mentioned that he wanted to run a marathon, only after his friend had run one.  I, being new to the sport, told him that no person should run alone, especially that distance.  After some discussion it was decided that a half-marathon was a more apt goal to attain in the spring.  After the holiday season a race was tentatively decided upon, enter the Sage Rat Run on May 14, 2011.

Turns out this run didn't fit into our schedules, for one, my friend is in class, and, for two, I didn't quite feel I would have my training up to speed in time after completing Basketball Officiating season.  In search of another race we went .  Next we settled upon the Clear Lake Memorial Races, up in White Pass, WA (sorry no link available).  This one, too, had a drawback, in that it has an elevation increase of 1000ft over 4 miles.  Back to square one.

The requirements had been set at this point:
1) The race must be on a Sunday.
2) The race need not unnecessarily climb 1000ft, this is supposed to be fun, not hazardous to our health.
3) It needed to be close so that we could easy get to it Saturday evening.

Another search turned up the Vancouver USA Marathon, which also has a Half-Marathon.  After some discussion it was decided, we will be running the Vancouver USA Half-Marathon on June 19, 2011.

Finally,we will be running a warm-up/introduction to racing the Bloomsday 2011 race in Spokane, WA on May 1st.

Well, there you have it guys, The Plan, which was more to do with my upcoming running schedule than say what this blog will be about.  Look for updates on the actual training plan that we are using to train for this madness.

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