Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking Forward

Wow, I have so much going on this month it is ca-razy!  (You are supposed to read that last word in a high pitched, comedic type voice.)  Before we move on to August's crazy plans, I want to recap the last part of July.

Saturday, was my youngest son's one month birthday!   I forget how quickly time goes by, and how much newborns change in one month, wow!   It was also a month of firsts for me runningwise.  I eclipsed 25 miles in a week for the first time ever, ran 16 miles in one go for the first time, and ran a total of 88.5 miles in the month.   The 16 mile run was Sunday, and I have been splitting up my longer runs with two friends.   This weekend was the first time they split the run equally.   The first 8 miles were at a blistering (for a long run) pace of 9m/m for a total time of 1:12 run with my friend who just started running with us.   The second 8 miles were run with my friend that I trained for the Half-Marathon with.   Those second 8 miles were slow - like 10:15 - 10:30 m/m, slow.   But I didn't care, its about the company and the miles, not the time (yet).  So the 16 miles was run at about a 9:45m/m pace for a total of 2:35.  Overall a great long run. My wife tried to convince me to head out and run that last 1.5 miles Sunday night to get to a nice even 90 miles for the month.   I decided there was no way my feet were going to let the rest of my body move from the couch to the bed much less and extra 1.5 miles.   It was a fun idea though.

So August,   I have a whole bunch going on, and that doesn't just include ramping up to 20 miles in preparation for my first marathon.

This week my wife and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary .  Next week, we are going to her 10 year HS reunion.   Two weeks after that my best friend is flying down from Alaska to attend our 10 year HS reunion.   Really!  I can't believe that it has been 10 years.   I should note that my wife and I went to high schools in the same city, went to the same community college for two years, and did not meet each other until we went to college 150 miles away.   Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways.
- WARNING  : Definitely not running related, uber nerdy talk coming on a completely different sport.  -

To top all that off, with everyone in my fantasy football league in town for the first time in years, we are holding the draft (for those that play fantasy football you know what I mean about having everyone around) at my place.   I love my fantasy football, and I am elated that the NFL has managed to figure out the labor problems (morons).   Mostly I love the fact that my friends and I get to spend the next 4 months bad mouthing each other and then whining about who wins.

Back to running. Finally, the biggest, and perhaps the most important thing, I will be celebrating my Runniversary this month as well.   I will try to keep the sap level down when I write the post for that.   I meant to kick off the month with a 3 mile shake out, easy, run yesterday, but I like to sleep, so I slept.   I got out and ran this morning, nothing too exciting about a 3.2 mile run, other than it helped get those muscles loosen out a bit.    This week is a short, long run week, which means I get to continue to try to add that 4th running day to my week. Ultimately, I want to build to 5, so that I can increase mileage some more.   Baby steps as I gear up towards a marathon.   I will be able to add those days this winter as a way of maintaining mileage.
Have fun out there.

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