Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Froze My...

Facial hair off.  I so very rarely post pictures that I thought this one might be worth sharing. Its not the best as I took it myself.

If you look closely enough you will notice that there is ICE on my facial hair.

Me-This morning after my 7 mile run.

Once a week I like to meet up with my friend and run around his neighborhood with his pup.  This morning was that run.  I took off from my place at 7:10 AM in what I am guessing was about 25* temps.  I say guess, because my phone couldn't decide if it was 22* or 29*, so I am going with 25.  Anyway, it is a mile over to his house, which is a really nice warm up mile.  I get there and he and his pup get ready, and we set off for our 5 mile loop.  The important thing to note about this morning's run was that it was foggy.  Not so foggy that you couldn't see three feet in front of you, just foggy.  I didn't really occur to me that the fog and cold temps could possibly lead to freezing water on any hair.  But after we completed the 5 mile loop I noticed that my friend had ice crystals on his hair (I had originally assumed from sweat).  Then he pointed out the ice on my beard.  Well, on the mile cool down back to my house it hit me.  Between the fog and the cold weather I had ice on my face.  All said and done, a nice, but cold, 7.15 mile run in 1:02:50.

As for the PF, I can't decide if the shoes are to blame or not, so for the time being, if they are causing increased soreness in the foot, I will wear them and get the most miles I can in them.  If it really is this particular pair of shoes, I will retire them (sad times) and go off in their red counterparts.  But, right now the PF isn't really bothering me so something is working.

Again, I thought this interesting enough to share.  A quick shout out to the Veterans of our great country for making all this possible.

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