Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Say Aww! (Baby Pics)

I have been away for almost two weeks.   But not for a bad reason.   I am excited to announce the birth of my second son, Ethan.   My DW and I did not find out the gender of this child, just as we didn't with our first son.   DW says that there are only a few true surprises in life and the gender of the baby can be one of them.   I (after much consideration) love not finding out til the end, it is fun, especially when the nurses find out that it is a surprise.

I will give you all the quick version.   DW called on June 29 to inform me we needed to head to the hospital. Sweet!But mostly that was to sit around and wait, we got to the hospital just before noon, and assumed that we would be holding baby within a few hours.   Wrong!   We had to go through two rounds of antibiotic before they would even start working on evening up the contractions.   Just before 6PM they introduced the drug to speed up the labor, and we truly began waiting.   Our night nurse was sure that the baby would be born before Midnight, and therefore put the 29th on just about everything (and we all know about counting chickens).  The doctor came in to check around 7 saying that everything looked good and that as soon as the contractions were consistent she would come back and break the water and we would have a baby.   She failed to mention that she had surgery scheduled at 8 to deliver twins, so we waited for the end of that, assured that we would be first.

Being first wasn't not meant to be.   When she got out of surgery, she immediately delivered two babies within 15 minutes of each other (maybe more like 5).  Then a third not even half an hour later.   So it was after 10:30 when she finally came in to start DW's true labor.   Within and hour my wife was ready to push, and the nurse insisted that we needed to wait another ten minutes to try to even things out.   Well, 10 minutes we went from steady even contractions to one on top of the other, by the time the nurse came back the baby was crowning, and the doctor only had time to glove up before the baby was born.   Of course, the baby wanted to be the first of day, not the last, so his birth date is 6/30 not 6/29.

Let me just state for the record that my wife is AMAZING.  She has given birth to two amazing sons, and puts up with me.   Not only that but after spending a week at home, cooking, doing laundry, watching the 3 yo and generally trying to keep up with life, I have a better understanding and appreciation for what she does at home all the time.   I am in awe of her abilities.

Ethan at home

I decided to take last week off from work (Woohoo for three vacation days to earn an entire week) and got to spend some quality time with my three year old (Tyler).

Tyler spending some time with his new brother.

A shot of me and my boys getting ready to leave the hospital.

I didn't run at all the week Ethan was born.   I got back after it on the 4th, with a 5k fun run, which I will post on later.  

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