Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Neighbor

I was the good neighbor, but we will have to get to that in a bit.  
Last week I was off, physically, mentally, whatever the reason, I just did not feel the exercise demons demanding to be released.   It was my first week back at work since the baby was born and I think the switch from sleeping until 7 to getting up at 5:30 put an odd strain on me.   So needless to say I did not feel like hitting the pavement early in the morning to complete my runs.   Everyday that went by I felt more and more guilty about not running, or really doing anything at all.   Until Thursday, I guess my wife suspected something.  After I got my oldest into bed, I suggested that I might go for a run, and she quickly said, DO IT.  Yes dear!
t was after 9 PM when I went out for the run.   I had no plan, no time goal, no distance goal, just go out an try to run for 30 minutes to clear my head (This didn't stop me from taking my phone and using the RunKeeper app).  So I went.   I have run through my neighborhood enough to know rough distances and use this as a guide to choose a stopping spot.   I ran slow and steady maintaining and 8:30 to 9:00 pace until I reached that stopping spot.   Once there I saw that i was at 3.83 miles or something close to that.   Well, now I can't just leave that last .17 hanging there.   So I decided to run down one more street, use the cul-de-sac and make the last bit of distance.

This is where the good neighbor thing kicks in.   As I approach the corner of the next street, I see a guy out in front of his house pushing a trailer towards the side of the house.   There is a pretty steep hill (if you are trying to push a trailer up manually) on the side of his house.   As I run past I start to think that maybe I should go back and help, so I do, I turn back around and run over to his house.   I stop my time and ask if he could use some help, as he as now all but abandoned the trailer at the bottom of the hill.   About 5 seconds after I stop, so, too, does a local police officer, offering his help.   The three of us take about three minutes to push the trailer up the hill to the side of this guy's house.   He thanks us, and we part.   I had reached my 4 mile 'goal'  , so I just walked back to the house.

Now, I am a total believer in karma.   I also believe that some things happen for a reason.   I am not saying that I was meant to go out specifically that night at that time so that I could help that guy, but what if I wasn't out, what would he have done?   Probably just hooked it up to the truck and backed it up the hill.   Either way, apparently it was exactly the run I was looking for, as I felt better physically, but also that I could help someone.

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