Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ahhh! January is almost over!

Apparently it is January 24th!  I didn't get the memo...

The month has absolutely flown by.  I started out with the greatest of intentions, run everyday and get to 100 for the month.  Then basketball seasons really got going, then winter arrived and so here it is January 24th and I have all but fallen off the bus.  Let's start at the beginning

I started off the new year with a nice crisp 4 mile run.  I ran the Cookie Challenge miles for 6 consecutive days before basketball refereeing got the better of me.  But the day off on the 8th was glorious.  I followed up that off day with another on Monday and hit the court again on the 10th.  It dawned on me after that basketball game that the reason my legs were sore and tired was (besides the 1+ hours on my feet) basketball burns the equivalent of 4.5 miles of running for me.  So I ran 4.5 miles the next day to test the theory.  And sure enough the calories burned were nearly identical.

And that, my friends, is the last time I ran...Janurary 11th.  This is primarily because I have had basketball on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and then I haven't wanted to run on Sundays (Friday and Saturday I work 2 games each).  I had every intention of running last week, but winter finally found its way to the inland Pacific NW and we got snow.  Snow I can run in, it was the 2 inches of ice that fell last Thursday and Friday that did in my desire to run.  I have no complaints, it is afterall, my fault that I haven't run.  But it isn't like I wasn't expecting this based on how basketball and running worked last year.

So here I sit, with an obscene amount of pent up energy, dying to get out of doors and tear the pants off a great run, but alas I have basketball again tonight, and will save my 'running' for that.  I hope that tomorrow I can find a clear patch of road or sidewalk to grab a few easy miles (just to prove I still can).  But mostly, I just want to close out January strong, especially basketball season, then focus on February and start building up for this summer's marathon.

Anyway, I really wanted to drop a quick post as a reminder that I am still around.  I hope to be on and mentioning all sorts of crazy running antics soon enough.  Enough rambling, have fun, and stay safe out there.

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