Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Cookie Monster got the better of me.

I volunteered, signed up, saw get free cookies, whatever the case was, and joined up with the Cookie Challenge from one of the great people over on RunnersWorld's The Loop.  The challenge was to run three miles daily for as long as you could.  The following is my attempt and realization that I couldn't manage this challenge.

I had every intention of making it through this challenge to the bitter end.  So much so that I had a nice ramp up plan to go from 3 miles everyday building up the long runs.  I got off to a good start last week too.

Sunday - 4 miles - 34:48
Monday - 3.5 miles - 29:07
Tuesday - 3.2 miles - 27:12
Wed. - 3 miles - 25:51
Thurs. - 3.3 miles - 26:21
Fri. - 3.4 miles - 29:27 + 1 Basketball Game
Sat. - No Running + 1 Basketball Game

So there were days early on that I wanted to call it all in.  Monday and Wednesday I was dragging, but managed to make it through the day.  But I was persevering.  That was until Friday.

For me the real challenge began then.  I have mentioned that I referee high school basketball, and It does provide a completely different set of challenges.  So Friday morning I headed out and got my miles in, then turned around and got my game on.

My legs did not respond the way I thought they would, or I should say exactly how I thought they would. 

My knees were sore, my shins sore and my left heel/PF are bothering me. So I didn't run today before my basketball game in hopes of making it through the game.

I have to say that even had run today, I would be out tomorrow.  My legs are still bothering me, so I am out.
It was with much consideration this morning that I made this decision.  I am looking forward to my longer term goals, and honestly, my legs need to be fresh for the rest of basketball season, plus I have marathon training to start after that.

So, thanks to the folks on The Loop at RunnersWorld for giving us this challenge, and I really enjoyed making an attempt at this, but I realize I will have to build up more to get to a serious streak.

So I think I will enjoy my day off tomorrow, and get back after it Wednesday after my game on Tuesday.
Til next time, have fun out there guys.

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