Friday, January 27, 2012

What a Pair (of runs, silly) w/Pic

I have my own little slice of the great Columbia River to run next to whenever I feel like it, and thus take advantage of this on a weekly basis.  This week, in an effort to get back out to running consistent miles, I have taken my leave from work at the lunch time hour in hopes of getting back into a groove.

Wednesday I escaped and was hoping to get 4 miles in.  I had worked two basketball games the night before, and the path down by the river was still slightly covered in ice/slush, so I wasn't sure how the run would go, especially since it had been two weeks since my last run.  I had to make do with a strange set of clothes, I had all of my winter gear in the car, tights, track pants, long sleeve shirt, and a long sleeve compression shirt, not the clothes for a 55* day and slight wind.  But I made do with some substitutions from my gym bag and hit the road.  The path was mostly clear, and for long stretches the pavement was clear and dry, and I fell into a nice groove.  I ran south into the wind for two miles then turned it around and ran with the wind for the last two miles.  I even managed to get each mile in just a bit faster than the previous one, so I felt great about my 4 mile run. So much so that I decided I could get out again the next day with more appropriate clothes.

Yesterday instead of going south along the river I decided to head north.  The first mile of the north route takes you through a neighborhood, then drops you back onto the river path at WSU Tri-Cities, where I followed the path for another mile.  I took a pause at the end of that second mile and snapped this photo at the top of one of the hills.

It was an absolutely great day down by the river.  I even managed to get yesterday's miles in at a tempo pace, pushing 7:45 m/m for the run.  I felt great to push the last mile back to the car maintaining that quicker pace.

Basketball the next couple of nights, so hopefully I will be back out on Sunday.   Until then remember to have fun guys!

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