Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If I have learned anything in the 10 months that I have been running, it is the need to be flexible.   I am not talking about limber joints, and being able to stretch in all manners, I mean the ability to handle bumps and curveballs tossed at you by life. 

Those of you that know me and my family, know that I have been talking about two major life events about to occur for me.   The first being that I have been training for the Vancouver USA Half-Marathon, and the other being the impending birth of my second child, due mid-July.   Now, since I signed up for this event back in February, my wife has been joking that the baby would be born on Father's day (which would mean that both or out kids were born on Father's day), this Sunday, the same day as the race.   Even knowing that our first was almost three weeks early, I took this in stride assuming that all would go to plan and that I would have two weeks after the race to prepare for the arrival.  

Of course this isn't necessarily how things work.   My wife went to the doctor Monday as part of a routine check where the doctor told her that he didn't think she would make it to the appointment next week, as the baby was in the process of making it's grand entrance.   Which of course is like the baby just informing me that it will be in charge for a long long time (proof I am sure that it will be a girl).  So of course this means that I am changing my plans for the coming week .  I will not be running the Vancouver Half-Marathon as it makes little sense for me to drive 4 hours across the state to run a race, when we are mere days, hours, or minutes away from having the baby. 

Flexibility!   I knew this was a possibility, I am only mildly sad that I won't run in the race I trained for, but I am elated that the baby will be here soon.   So as I do with most things that happen in my life, I am rolling with it.   My motto has always been control what you can and let the rest go.   This is no different, I have no control of the timing of baby's arrival, but I do have control over several other things.   So, I will still run 13.1 this weekend, it just won't be an official timed race.   I can also get a jump start on marathon training.

Onwards to new and exciting challenges.   First the new baby, and then on to getting my training plan together for a fall marathon.   I plan on running the following races through the fall.   The 7/23 - Shoreline Run 10k in Richland, WA; 9/24 - Indian Summer Half-Marathon, in Richland, WA; and finally on 10/22 the Columbia River Power Marathon, in Hermiston, OR.  I will get more info up on this one in a later post.

I imagine I will get a report up soon regarding the baby (just don't expect it before Sunday )

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