Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hey all!

I did something yesterday (6/1) that I had never done before in my time as a runner.   I ran twice in one day.   I awoke in the morning (boo 5:15) and managed to work my way out into the crisp morning air.   It was the perfect morning for a run so I was thinking that I could get out and roll off 3 or 4 Tempo miles at any speed under 8min/mi.  I guess my body had other plans and found myself in dire need to get back to the house after just 2.3 miles.

I figured that  I would just pick up where I left off last night and try to complete my run.   So after work, I met my wife at my in-laws, geared up, and set out for a run.   This was a good run as well, as I managed to go and push a little more, managing a 3.3 mil run.   The total for the day 5.6 miles in 44:09, good enough for a 7:53 pace.   Not a bad way to celebrate National Running Day!   Now I don't know if I could have run all 5.6 miles at this pace ( Probably would have been more like 8:10 or so).  But I know that I can push myself, especially good to know as my Half approaches in three weeks.

Saw this guy by the river path after my afternoon run!

So a few other things.   Like I said above my first Half is in three weeks (6/19).  I am stoked, I really think I am ready to crush it, training has bee great the last few weeks, even after the hamstring soreness.   My goal is under 2hrs, I just have to push myself mentally to get through it.

Check out the picture I took in Lincoln City, OR last weekend during my 6mile run.   I didn't run down this hill, mostly because I didn't want to run back up it.   Even though I did manage to basically do hill repeats.   It was a great run, though I was sore the next day.   There was something relaxing about running to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Decided not to run down this hill last weekend.

These sure do get long when you only post blogs once a month or so.   Goal, be better about posting more often.   Until next time, have fun out there guys.

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