Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strange Occurances

Have any of you guys been asked to race?   Let me clarify a bit then.   How many have been asked to race while in their car on the way to work?   (I am looking for a show of hands)  Now how many by a guy on a motorcycle? (Fewer hands I see).

For the record I drive a VW Beetle, new version, and have a short (like 6 miles) commute to work.   This morning, as I am taking my normal route, I get to the stop light at the intersection of the bypass highway here in town.   Stopped next to me at the light is a guy on a motorcycle.   I have my windows down, as it was a beautiful morning here, and the guys looks over at me and asks if I want to race.   I think about it and say "Not, this morning. ""  This seems really strange to me as I am in a lane that goes straight and he is in the left hand turn lane.   How on Earth were you planning on racing me, considering you will get to go first.   I spent the rest of the ride to work thinking about this, and really the rest of the morning.   Later I get a text from my wife, "My friend says to tell you that the motor cyclist that asked to race you this morning was her dad" .".  To which I replied, that makes a whole lot more sense now than it did this morning when he asked me.   (So for those following, or trying to, that would be my wife's friend's dad.)  Of course I told my wife that it kind of made my morning, and that I should have told him yes and then watched him speed away when the light changed for him.   Oh well, got a bit of a story out of it.

In running news, ran 3.3 miles this morning, was supposed to be easy, as this was my first run since the virtual half on Saturday, which apparently means run at 8:20 m/m to my body, not the 9m/m I was aiming for.

In baby news: Still not here.   Closer according to the doctor, but we want to be greedy and make it one more week.   I think my wife might just go insane.

I get to umpire tonight, which should be interesting as we are supposed to be in the 90s today for the first time (it has taken a long time to get to summer here in SE WA).

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